Redfall's 'Bite Back Upgrade' Looks A Hard Sell Even For Xbox Game Pass Members

We're very, very happy to see Arkane's Redfall finally dated; slotting into the upcoming Xbox Game Pass 2023 schedule on May 2nd. While the game's inclusion in Microsoft's subscription service provides incredible value (the game is $70 to buy separately), we're not quite sure the same can be said for its Deluxe upgrade.

Yep, alongside Redfall's release date reveal, all of the pre-order stuff went live on Xbox's digital storefront, giving us more information on the previously-leaked Deluxe upgrade. The 'Bite Back' upgrade pack is mostly focused on new Heroes and bonus content, and to be honest, it doesn't sound like great value.

The upgrade pack is available for $30 / £30, with an additional 10% off for Xbox Game Pass members.

Here's what's included in the Bite Back pack:

  • Redfall Hero Pass with Two Future Heroes
  • Laser Beam Multi-Weapon Skin
  • Tactical Knife Stake Weapon Attachment
  • Northern Expedition Devinder Outfit
  • Eyes in the Dark Jacob Outfit
  • War Clothes Layla Outfit
  • Engineer Volunteer Remi Outfit

So, outside of a selection of bonus outfits, a weapon attachment and a weapon skin, the meat of this pack is the "Redfall Hero Pass". However, with only two future heroes planned, we're struggling to see how this is worth $30 all things considered.

Having said that, we don't know how much of an impact two new characters will have on proceedings, with Arkane saying they'll bring "unique powers and gameplay" to the mix. We're hoping that once we go hands on with the title, we'll have a bit more of an idea of the full value of this upgrade pack.

The game itself does look bloody good though - we're absolutely on board for Redfall after its Developer Direct showing. We'll just be keeping our wallets closed regarding DLC, for now.

What do you think to the value of this upgrade pack? Leave your thoughts down below!