Redfall 'Deluxe Upgrade' Leak Gives Us First Evidence Of Xbox Price Increases

Redfall is one of Xbox's major AAA releases for the first half of 2023, and while the game will of course launch day one on Xbox Game Pass, a new European leak has given us our first glimpse at Xbox's confirmed price hikes.

According to well-known leaker BillbilKun (who was once the source of some accurate Game Pass and Games with Gold leaks), Redfall will cost €79.99 in European markets. That price will almost certainly translate to $70 in the US, a $10 jump on recent Xbox first party titles.

Interestingly, as you can see above, the leak also reveals a 'Deluxe Edition Upgrade' for Redfall, meaning Bethesda likely has major DLC planned for Arkane Studios' first new IP under Xbox.

The leak doesn't showcase what we might get from such an upgrade, but typically, these sorts of packages contain all of the game's DLC bundled into one purchase. As of late, the Forza Horizon games have provided a similar upgrade path; useful for those playing the base game on Xbox Game Pass!

As mentioned, this leak, if accurate, is our first real evidence of Xbox game prices increasing in 2023. Back in December, Microsoft confirmed the move via a company statement.

What do you make of this news? Interested to see what comes from Redfall's Deluxe upgrade? Let us know in the comments!