Xbox Enjoys 'Strong' UK Sales Of Series X|S During Black Friday 2022

We're finally starting to get some sales data from Black Friday 2022 for Xbox, and it looks like the platform did very well for itself over the past week - at least in the UK, where the Series X and Series S accounted for 40% of all consoles sold.

That figure is slightly behind the Nintendo Switch, which was the best-selling console of the period with 42% of all console sales, but significantly ahead of the PS5, which only accounted for 18% of sales.

This data comes courtesy of - and the outlet spoke to Growth from Knowledge boss Dorian Bloch about the figures (GFK Entertainment is the company that provided the data):

"Console hardware volumes over Black Friday week are similar to last year and Switch was again No.1. However, overall Switch volumes are way down over Black Friday 2021, as both Sony and Microsoft also targeted Black Friday week with tempting offers."

Of course, it's not surprising that the two consoles sold so well during Black Friday 2022, as the Xbox Series S dropped to its lowest price yet in the UK last week, and the Series X even received a reduction in price as well.

Interestingly, the revenue was apparently split 41% for consoles, 39% for accessories and 21% for physical games during Black Friday 2022 in the UK, and controller sales were "driven in particular by Microsoft's controller deals".

Sounds like a pretty successful week for Xbox in the UK, then!

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