Thanks To Black Friday, More People Are Discovering The Joys Of The Xbox Series S

Well, there goes another Black Friday and Cyber Monday! To be honest, we thought this year's sales were pretty great from an Xbox perspective, with over 700 games on sale digitally (in fact, those deals don't end until Wednesday night), along with lots of great offers for both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

Speaking of the Xbox Series S specifically, Microsoft formally announced that the console was getting a $50 price drop in the US for the Black Friday period, with various other regions also offering great discounts. As a result, we're beginning to see a lot of new owners cropping up on social media this week.

Over on the Xbox Series S subreddit, we've observed plenty of people showing off their new purchase:

It's a similar story on Twitter, with praise being dished out for the console by various users on the platform:

None of this is particularly surprising, of course, but it's just great to see the Xbox Series S being enjoyed so much right now — including by some people who have never owned an Xbox before! We don't have any statistics yet on how well the Series S actually sold during Black Friday 2022, but hopefully we'll get more insight in the near future.

Did you buy an Xbox Series S over the past week? Let us know down in the comments below!