Xbox Series S Drops To Lowest Price Yet For Black Friday 2022 (UK)

Update: The Microsoft Store has also now reduced the Xbox Series S to £189.99 in the UK!

We've added the link to this down below.

Original story: If you've been in the market for an Xbox Series S in the UK, then now's probably the time to buy! Amazon UK has slashed the standard price of the console from £249.99 to just £189.99 as part of Black Friday 2022.

This is the lowest price we've seen for the console over the past two years (from new), so we're assuming people will want to snap this deal up pretty quickly! In other words, don't hang around if you're interested in buying one. Also, don't forget that the Microsoft Rewards website allows you to redeem your points for Microsoft Store and Amazon UK gift vouchers, so you can potentially bring this price down even more!

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As mentioned, this is just an Amazon UK deal, although keep in mind that the Xbox Series S has also been discounted by $50 in the US on the Microsoft Store and retailers like Best Buy, bringing it down from $299 to $249 (plus, you can again use your Microsoft Rewards to help pay for the purchase!):

Microsoft did mention last week that "additional holiday offers" would be available for "more regions" outside the US and Canada, so if you haven't seen anything in your region yet, continue to keep a close eye out over the coming days.

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