The Nintendo Switch Is Basically Getting An Xbox Pro Controller
Image: Nintendo Life

Hmm, this controller looks awfully familiar! You may have seen our friends over at Nintendo Life highlighting the GuliKit KingKong Pro 2 controller for Nintendo Switch earlier this week, and Xbox fans have since been taking to social media to point out just how similar the design looks to a standard Xbox One or Series X|S controller.

And to be fair, they're totally right! There's barely anything that separates this from an Xbox controller, although obviously it has a few extra buttons and a different A/B/X/Y button placement, but that's about it.

There's been confusion amongst those who haven't seen the original article about whether this is a first-party controller from Nintendo or not, but the answer is no, it isn't. That means you get some cool extra features that GuliKit has added into it, such as an "FPS Mode", as well as the promise that it won't suffer from the dreaded analogue stick drift.

So, if you're an Xbox and a Nintendo Switch fan, and you're interested in picking up a Pro controller for your Switch that operates almost identically to an Xbox controller, maybe give it some thought. We're biased, but it sounds good to us!

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