Update: The Callisto Protocol has since received various patches on Xbox Series X and S:

Original story: Digital Foundry's The Callisto Protocol analysis is here, and sadly, there are a few issues present on both current-gen Xbox consoles right now. Sure, the game is absolutely playable on the pair of Xbox Series systems (the same can't be said for the PC version), but the Series X and Series S have a few drawbacks at launch in terms of both visuals and performance.

Over on Xbox Series X, ray traced reflections are mysteriously missing where they're present on PS5; within the game's quality mode. DF says that RT shadows are still active, but when it comes to reflections, they're just not working properly right now on Xbox.

"We have passed this information along to the development team, and hopefully this will be addressed soon via a patch but it's highly disappointing as the look of the game benefits so much from what is a high-end implementation of this RT feature."

The premium Xbox console also suffers from some frame rate drops in quality mode, although a patch has been issued that cleans things up quite a bit here. The analysis still shows the PS5 ahead frame rate-wise in this mode though, with the 60FPS performance mode offering up very similar results across Xbox Series X and PS5. In other words, if you're buying The Callisto Protocol on Xbox Series X, performance mode is definitely the way to go for now.

Speaking of the performance mode, any such option is unfortunately absent on Xbox Series S at launch, with 30FPS the only choice on offer. Thankfully, the performance generally seems pretty solid within this mode, so it's just a shame we're not seeing a high frame rate alternative on Series S.

"Basically, you're sacrificing a lot in terms of image quality and fidelity [on Xbox Series S] but at least the frame rate hits its 30FPS target most of the time.... It's still a nice-looking game but it definitely lacks the fidelity of the more powerful machines."

Striking Distance Studios has already delivered one patch addressing some performance issues — as mentioned above — which shows promise that the state of the game could improve even further after launch. We certainly hope so anyway, and we'll be keeping an eye on how The Callisto Protocol progresses in the coming weeks.

How have you found The Callisto Protocol so far on Xbox? Let us know if you've run into any issues down below.

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