Despite The Launch Issues, The Callisto Protocol Is Great At 60FPS On Xbox Series X

Update: The Callisto Protocol has since added various patches on Xbox Series X:

Original story: The release of The Callisto Protocol caused a bit of fuss earlier this week when it was reported that the Xbox Series X version was missing ray traced reflections in its quality mode compared to the PS5, along with a few more instances of dropped frames than Sony's console when running at 30FPS. Digital Foundry stated on Friday that these were "fairly severe strikes" against the Xbox Series version, recommending PS5 to see the game "at its very best", with the PC version also unfortunately suffering from some technical issues on day one.

However, when it comes to the 60FPS performance mode on Xbox Series X, we've had very good things to say about The Callisto Protocol. In our review of the game, we called this mode a "smooth experience" with just a "few little dips here and there", while also pointing out how the game really benefits from a 60FPS option on console:

"Dropping the framerate to 30FPS just makes the combat feel a bit stodgy for our liking... the difference between 30FPS and 60FPS really is [very] noticeable during combat sequences."

It's not just us, either - we've seen many reports from people enjoying performance mode on Series X:

You needn't worry about the performance mode on Xbox Series X, then, and Xbox Series S performance also appears to be pretty solid - with the caveat that it's locked at 30FPS. That's definitely not ideal based on the comments we made in our review, but the upside is that you should at least get a stable experience throughout.

Striking Distance Studios actually issued a sizeable patch for The Callisto Protocol last night on Xbox, but it doesn't appear to have affected the quality mode ray-tracing issue on Series X. We're assuming the developer will be working to fix this pretty soon though, so we'll keep an eye out for any updates over the coming days.

We'll leave you with IGN's performance review of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions, which shows just how fantastic the game looks across all consoles - even despite some drawbacks on Xbox right now.

"The Callisto Protocol still offers a visual tour de force and enough surprises to be worth your time across all formats. I just hope that the final Christmas present is that Series X gets its Ray Traced reflections added before the year is out."

How are you finding Callisto Protocol on Series X and S so far? Tell us in the comments.