Roundup: Here's What The Critics Think Of Dead Space-Like 'The Callisto Protocol'

We feel like we've been waiting forever for this one, but The Callisto Protocol is finally out today, December 2nd! Ahead of launch, a bunch of outlets have been playing this horror shooter — directed by one of the creators of Dead Space — so we have a fair idea of what the critics think so far.

Update: You'll also now find our Pure Xbox review of The Callisto Protocol in the roundup below!

Here are some launch opinions on The Callisto Protocol:

PCGamesN (9/10)

"A spiritual successor to Dead Space that blends and riffs on ideas from the best horror games of recent years, with plenty of blood and guts to go around, though a lacklustre plot is its one minor flaw."

God is a Geek (8.5/10)

"The Callisto Protocol is violent and brutal, with stunning visuals, but it's intimacy causes a few problems that are hard to be overlooked."

PC Gamer (7.9/10)

"Gory and moody, The Callisto Protocol doesn't mess with the survival horror formula, instead embracing all its beats and clichés to tell a grim sci-fi tale that drips with menace."

IGN (7/10)

"The Callisto Protocol is a satisfyingly gory spiritual successor to the Dead Space series, but it’s ultimately more of a striking modern mimic than a scary new mutation."

Push Square (7/10)

"The Callisto Protocol is a consistently good game that, when it's at its best, gives many of the survival horror greats a run for their money. However, there's no getting around the fact the game has very little to truly call its own."

Pure Xbox (6/10)

"The Callisto Protocol really is a game of two halves. Striking Distance Studios has served up a slice of sci-fi/horror that gets off to a reasonably strong start, introducing a jaw-dropping world and punchy new combat system that impresses until it becomes strained by busy enemy encounters, a handful of miserable boss confrontations and a narrative that goes absolutely nowhere."

GameSpot (5/10)

"Though it starts off on a strong note, The Callisto Protocol's focus on action-heavy spectacles fails to adequately explore its horror and overcrowds its weak combat mechanics."

The Callisto Protocol seems to have fared OK across the board, then, but some critics clearly wanted a little bit more from this spiritual successor to Dead Space. The game currently sits at 75 on Metacritic for Xbox Series X and 76 for PlayStation 5, which is still a respectable score all things considered!

Are you still wanting to give The Callisto Protocol a go? Let us know down below.