The Callisto Protocol's Latest Patch Adds Ray-Traced Reflections On Xbox Series X

The Callisto Protocol suffered a few issues on Xbox Series X when it arrived this time last week, with the biggest problem being that the Series X version was bizarrely missing the ray-traced reflections included in the PS5 version.

Fortunately, that's now finally been fixed as of today's patch, with The Callisto Protocol Twitter account confirming that the feature has been added along with a variety of improvements and bug fixes:

It seems like the majority of visual and performance issues have now been solved for The Callisto Protocol, and the 60FPS mode on Xbox Series X has been great since launch - while the Series S 30FPS mode is also pretty stable.

It's good news all around, then, although we'll admit that we weren't the biggest fans of the game itself in our review here at Pure Xbox, giving it a 6/10 ("Not Bad") score and calling it "an uneven spiritual successor to Dead Space".

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