Random: The Xbox Store Is Going Crazy With 'Simulator' Games Right Now

We've definitely seen a resurgence of "simulator" games on Xbox over the past couple of years. From Microsoft Flight Simulator to Lawn Mowing Simulator to PowerWash Simulator, these games have attracted huge audiences on Xbox Game Pass, and there are plenty of other non-Game Pass titles that performed extremely well too.

In the past month alone, we've highlighted the new releases of Police Simulator - Patrol Officers (which continues to dominate the "Top Paid" Xbox charts), Firefighting Simulator and Goat Simulator 3, and there's a whole lot more where they came from! Animal Shelter Simulator, for example, is pushing up the Xbox charts in the UK right now, while Gas Station Simulator and Ship Graveyard Simulator are also proving popular.

So, with that said, we thought we'd use this opportunity to highlight a few new 'Simulator' games on Xbox:

Animal Shelter Simulator

In Animal Shelter, your main target is to make your four-legged friends happy. Pet them, hand out treats, play with toys - and they will pay you back with great trust. Get to know the animals well enough to find them the best home! Don't wait any longer, open your animal shelter now!

Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator

Brew your perfect beer in this relaxing home brewing sim. Use a realistic chemistry simulation to brew hoppy IPAs to creamy stouts. Customise your brewing space, create recipes and label your beer, unlock new equipment and enter competitions. Learn to brew, refine your craft and become a Brewmaster!

Construction Simulator

Construction Simulator is back – bigger and better than ever! Get back to work with a vehicle fleet whose size will knock your socks off. Beyond brands like Caterpillar, CASE and BELL that are already familiar in the Construction Simulator series, you can get behind the wheel of new licensed machines from partners like DAF and Doosan – over 70 in total.

Firefighting Simulator - The Squad

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad lets you experience what it means to fight perilous fires up close as an active member of a fictional US city's firefighting department - together with up to 3 friends in the co-op multiplayer or in the single-player mode. Control officially licensed fire trucks by Rosenbauer and tackle a host of challenging and varied missions.

Gas Station Simulator

Together with the gas station comes not only responsibility, but also a workshop and warehouse, all that you can repair and generate income from. A vast variety of events occurring in the middle of the desert where your station is located is something that will keep you busy.

Goat Simulator 3

Gather your herd and venture forth into Goat Simulator 3; an all-new, totally realistic, sandbox farmyard experience that puts you back in the hooves of no one's favourite female protagonist.

Police Simulator - Patrol Officers

In Police Simulator: Patrol Officers players slip into the role of one of 8 playable characters and start their first shift as a rookie patrol officer in the fictional US East Coast city of Brighton. As they learn the ropes of their law enforcement occupation they will graduate from enforcing simple traffic rules or preventing littering, to investigating minor and major accidents, and searching and arresting wanted suspects in cases of theft, bodily harm, property damage or even drug dealing.

Prison Simulator

Prison Simulator is a first-person simulation game in which you play the role of a prison service officer a month before your desired promotion. You have to perform increasingly complex tasks in prison, balancing the administration's assessment and inmates' satisfaction.

Ship Graveyard Simulator

Visit the largest ship graveyard in the world. A dozen kilometers of beach filled with wrecks. Hundreds of ships wrecked on the coast. Thousands of tons of steel. Choose the most valuable ship for you and start the adventure. Play as one of the workers during the most dangerous work in the world. Cut, hit, weld! Dismantle the whole ship and sell the obtained parts and upgrade your equipment.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator

Drive your passengers or goods across 10 countries and explore the countryside, towns, forests and mountains of Europe from your cab. Each locomotive has its own characteristics (power, braking, etc.), which you need to learn to control expertly, while following the railway signs and adapting to the weather conditions.

WW2: Bunker Simulator

You are an American soldier. One of the distinguished 101st Airborne Division. Soldiers of 101st fought hard and died but they followed orders. They made things that others couldn't. Do you want to be remembered? You'll have to earn it. Your companions have captured the German bunker during the Battle of Normandy, and your task is to defend it at all costs. Defend your bunker! It won't be easy though.

Have you tried any of these new Xbox simulator games? Tell us your favourites down below.

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