Goat Simulator 3 has made its way to Xbox this week, and we're just going to gloss over the fact that Goat Simulator 2 never actually released in the first place (silly goats). Anyway, despite the tongue-in-cheek naming convention here, critics haven't forgot about the game's launch, and a selection of reviews have already dropped.

Here's a summary of what the reviewers think of Goat Simulator 3:

Attack of the Fanboy (5/5)

"Pilgor is back and better than ever. Goat Simulator 3 is the troll sequel no one asked for, but happy to get it, anyway. Help her defeat The Farmer and wreak as much havoc as possible on the residents of San Angora. The result is the punniest adventure you'll ever go on."

VG24/7 (4/5)

"This one game about an entitled goat does everything I wish the original Goat Simulator did and more. The goatfits, the whimsical joy of discovering a level like the Cellar of Doom, and witnessing just how much disarray one uncontrollable goat can cause will make Goat Simulator 3 one of the best co-op games to sit back and reset with. Watch this space, because me and Pilgor are quite the unstoppable duo – and this won’t be the last you see of us."

Shacknews (7/10)

"Despite issues with the game's engine, Goat Simulator 3 is going to go down as a guilty pleasure. It's relaxing in all the ways the original game was and a fun reminder that gaming doesn't always have to take itself so seriously."

Push Square (6/10)

"For what it is, Goat Simulator 3 excels. It's a bigger, crazier sequel to the viral hit, built expressly to satiate anyone's appetite for chaos. It's the epitome of dumb fun; if you want to switch your brain off and just mess around for an hour or so, this is about as lowbrow as it gets, and we mean that as a compliment. There are some serious performance hiccups, and it's certainly not to everyone's tastes. Even if you love it, the novelty will eventually run dry, but if you're able to go along for the ride and lean into its madness, you'll have lots of fun while it lasts."

PC Gamer (5/10)

"Goat Simulator 3 neither excels at gif-able joke physics nor at being a structured singleplayer platformer."

Goat Simulator's third outing (well, second actually) currently sits at 68 on Metacritic for PS5 at the time of writing, although the average for Xbox Series X is much higher at 80 right now. Regardless of those varying averages, it sounds like Goat Simulator 3 can be a fun time if this is the kind of game you're typically into.

Will you be trying out this udderly 'unremarkable' Xbox title? Tell us down in the comments below!