Hypercharge: Unboxed Creator Says Xbox Development Is Going 'Great'

One indie game that really took off in 2022 was the first and third-person wave shooter Hypercharge: Unboxed. The developer of the game was quick to confirm an Xbox release when they heard about the demand for it, so what's the latest?

If you did have any concerns about the status of this particular version, there's no need to worry! In a brief message, the official Twitter account for the game confirmed development on the Xbox version is "coming along great". Here's the quick but reassuring update in full:

Unfortunately, there was no update about when exactly the game is launching, but according to a story back in August, it should be on track for a release at some point in Q1 2023.

And if you're wondering about a possible Xbox Game Pass release, you're not alone. The developer asked fans last month via social media if they would be interested in the game coming to Microsoft's subscription service, and there were plenty of Xbox fans showing their support. No surprises there!

Are you excited to play Hypercharge on Xbox? Would you be interested in a Game Pass release? Tell us below.