Hypercharge: Unboxed Dev Is The Latest Pushing For An Xbox Game Pass Launch

Hypercharge: Unboxed certainly goes all out with its Twitter marketing - they really want us to know about the game's Xbox launch! Well, it's kinda working, and today's message has us extra intrigued because it concerns Xbox Game Pass.

At the minute, Hypercharge isn't confirmed for Game Pass; it's merely on its way to Xbox after a couple of years on PC and Nintendo Switch. However, it seems the team would like it to come to the service, and they're asking us if we'd like to see it there too!

It's safe to say that we'd love for it to join Game Pass here at Pure Xbox, it looks real good fun! Its addition would also open the game up to loads more potential players, especially if it launched across Xbox consoles, PC and xCloud.

This isn't the first time we've seen devs gauging Game Pass interest - in fact, a similar thing happened over this past weekend. The team behind fantasy RPG Lost Eidolons said it too wants to be a part of Xbox Game Pass, but nothing is confirmed there just yet!

We could see this one coming to Game Pass, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments.