Hypercharge: Unboxed Dev Confirms 'No Pay-To-Win' Mechanics On Xbox

Hypercharge: Unboxed came out of nowhere earlier this year, with confirmation that an Xbox release was on the way. Well, we say out of nowhere, but the title is already released on Switch and PC. Now, the dev has laid out some more details on the Xbox version (correction: this will be a paid release, not free-to-play as previously stated).

The team is emphasising that Hypercharge won't feature any sort of 'pay-to-win' mechanics, which is always great to hear. This is confirmed in the tweet below:

As the tweet breaks down, the Xbox release will also feature split-screen support, player bots, offline play and more. For now, the title doesn't have sort of release window on Xbox platforms.

As for what the game actually is, well, it's a wave-based shooter featuring PvP and co-op play, with a unique 'action figure' aesthetic that'd look right at home in some weird Toy Story reboot. It's safe to say, we're very intrigued by this one.

Will you be playing Hypercharge: Unboxed when it hits Xbox? Let us know in the comments!