Perfect Dark2
Image: Rare

Last night, the huge news of Crystal Dynamics and The Initiative joining forces on Perfect Dark hit the web. It's said the game is still early in development, and the teams couldn't pass up the opportunity to work together. It's also a collaboration that Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said he's "thrilled" to see happen.

In a short but sweet comment on Twitter, Spencer said it was "great to see continued momentum and progress on Perfect Dark", adding that he's "thrilled" to see the teams working together on the project.

Despite Spencer's reaction, the feedback from the community has been somewhat mixed so far. Some say they're "baffled", whilst others have queried a previous job listing comment about The Initiative being a AAAA studio.

It still seems to be very early days for the game based on The Initiative's comments. Crystal Dynamics has made some fantastic titles, despite the mixed reaction to Marvel's Avengers. It's probably best to reserve judgement until we've seen the game in action, but it sounds like that may be a ways away yet. We're confident it'll be worth the wait.

How do you feel about the partnering of The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics? Let us know in the comments below.

How Do You Feel About Crystal Dynamics Working On Perfect Dark?