Perfect Dark Xbox Reboot

Microsoft's upcoming slate for Xbox is absolutely stacked, with a load of launches expected in 2023 and beyond. We're not exactly sure when a lot of these games will release, as many are knee-deep in development. However, on a recent crossover podcast, VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb spoke about what may come from Xbox Game Studios in the coming years.

Next year's lineup could well include Obsidian's Avowed, and the Perfect Dark reboot. If so, that's two massive releases in 2023, and right now, we know very little about either game beyond short reveal trailers.

Grubb said both games are "probably" aiming for 2023, and he goes on to talk about how many of Microsoft's upcoming games will have had up to five years in development by their project release dates.

Of course, Grubb adds the caveat that some of these games could be delayed, and by this summer we'll have a much better idea of Xbox's release schedule. Speaking of delays, Everwild was also discussed, as Rare's upcoming new IP is expected to be at least two years away.

Avowed or Perfect Dark; which 2023 Xbox game excites you the most? Let us know your thoughts below.