The Initiative
Image: The Initiative

Here's some breaking news - The Initiative has announced it will be partnering with Crystal Dynamics to help it bring the new Perfect Dark game to the next generation.

Crystal Dynamics is best known for series such as Tomb Raider and was also behind the Square Enix project Marvel's Avengers. In a follow-up tweet, The Initiative noted how the game was still "early in development".

Although Crystal Dynamics has a lot of history with third-person action titles, it's worth noting how this new entry in the Perfect Dark series is still being referred to as a "first-person" spy thriller.

Eurogamer has also pointed out how The Initiative was originally founded by the former Crystal Dynamics boss Darrel Gallagher, and how Tomb Raider reboot director Daniel Neuburger is also part of the Perfect Dark team.

The new Perfect Dark game was first announced at last year's Game Awards show - revealing how it would take place in an 'eco sci-fi' setting, complete with a "lot of gameplay diversity".

What do you make of this partnership and how do you feel about this title still being in early development? Tell us below.

How Do You Feel About Crystal Dynamics Working On Perfect Dark?