Xbox Has 'Heard Feedback' On Making Home Screen Backgrounds More Visible

Xbox has published its latest Insider Program overview, and once again, there's a big focus on the work-in-progress 2023 dashboard. The team has changed the way players can add 'Groups' to the home screen, and has also "heard a ton of varied feedback" on the dashboard generally, including requests to make backgrounds more visible.

"We’ve heard a ton of varied feedback, including wanting to see more of your custom background. We’re on it! Stay tuned for more info soon."

This has been a top request for some time now, and even though certain preview rings saw minor changes recently, there's more work that needs to be done to properly show off background art. We're glad to see Microsoft is on the case, especially as the team continues to add more dynamic backgrounds on Series X and S.

Elsewhere in the preview update, the team says you can now add up to 10 games straight to the dashboard for easy access. These will appear right underneath the main home screen and any pins you might have, similar to the current non-preview setup. You can also now add your "top groups" to the home screen for quicker access.

Xbox Has 'Heard Feedback' On Making Home Screen Backgrounds More Visible 2

As changes are made, Xbox is continuing to gather feedback from Insiders before the final new dashboard rolls out to all users in 2023. As of this week, all Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead members will be able to preview the latest build.

"We read your feedback every morning and use it and these experiments to help us determine what features to build and how to design a more personal Home experience."

"Starting this week, all users in the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha rings will be able to preview the new Home experience. Users will be receiving different layouts of the experience. We look forward to hearing what you think of each one."

Are you happy Xbox is finally looking into more background space? Let us know!