Talking Point: Xbox Series S Owners, Are You Happy You Skipped Series X?

Xbox Series S has been a pretty consistent talking point throughout the generation so far. From its much-rumoured reveal before launch, to questions about whether it could keep up with the big boys, it seems folks have always had something to say about Microsoft's digital next-gen Xbox.

We have to say though, it's continued to surprise us as the months roll by. From post-launch patches adding high-performance modes, to the FPS Boost program and even recent console upgrades, for our money, the Series S continues to do a pretty good job at keeping up.

It's no secret that the console became the easiest to find during extended stock shortages too, especially last year. A lot of you probably turned to the system then, as a way to get into the generation. Whether that's the case, or you just saw the Series S as the best option at this stage, we've got a question for you.

Are you happy you opted for the Series S over the X? Do you wish you'd have held out for an Xbox Series X instead? We've been using them both extensively since launch and to be honest, we think we'd be pretty darn happy just having the Xbox Series S as our only option.

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Are You Happy With Your Xbox Series S?