'Over 125' Gaming Controllers Will Soon Work On Xbox Thanks To Third-Party Accessory 3

Third-party gaming manufacturer Brook has announced a follow-up to its 'Wingman XB' controller adapter, which enables even more controller options on Xbox consoles. Basically, the new adapter allows users to play various Xbox consoles using PlayStation pads, old fight sticks and more.

Although the vast majority of compatible controllers must be used wired with the Wingman adapter, the new Wingman XB 2 has widened its wireless capabilities. Now, you can use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, DualShock 3/4, DualSense, Xbox One Bluetooth Controller, and the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller wirelessly on Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with Original Xbox requiring a USB adapter.

'Over 125' Gaming Controllers Will Soon Work On Xbox Thanks To Third-Party Accessory 2

Here's what the team is aiming to achieve with its Wingman XB 2 adapter when it launches later this month:

"The Wingman XB 2 converter provides gamers with expanded support for over 125 controllers across all major platforms and formats, ensuring players can experience their favorite games on Xbox using their favorite controllers including arcade sticks, flight sticks, and even the popular Taiko drum controller. The Wingman XB 2 also features support for Xbox One wireless controllers as well as Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2."

"Besides supporting every Xbox console made from the original released in 2001 to the latest Xbox Series X/S, the Wingman XB 2 features a 5-level turbo feature, ultra low-latency and improved stability, the ability to remap controller button configurations. In addition, it also features full PC support, bringing better compatibility, a more stable connection with X-input, as well as wireless support."

The Brook Wingman XB 2 adapter releases on November 30th, and should be widely available at various retailers when it launches. The previous version is currently available on Amazon in the UK and the US, so expect to see the XB 2 crop up there in the near future. The original seems to have pretty good user reviews on Amazon, so we're intrigued to see how its successor shapes up!

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