Xbox Social Media Manager Explores Zeta Halo Using PS5 Controller

A few years ago, playing a Halo game with a PlayStation controller would've felt impossible. In generations gone by, consoles were locked ecosystems with their own distinct games, controllers and services.

However, things are changing. With the introduction of Xbox Cloud Gaming, and PC ports of PlayStation games, the two systems are closer than ever. In fact, some Xbox execs are loving the crossover, with Xbox Social Media Manager Stein hitting up some Halo Infinite with a PS5 controller.

We've got to admit, it still takes some time for us to wrap our heads around the fact that this is real. However wild it is, we welcome a more open console community. The Dualsense is a great controller, and it's probably a pretty good way to play Halo too.

Now that Sony has released the likes of God of War, Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC, it works the other way too. In fact, Stein has also taken to the Norse realms of God of War, using a trusty Halo: Infinite elite controller.

This is definitely a new era of gaming, and we're all for it!

Have you used PlayStation controllers on Xbox games? Let us know below.