xbox store wish list

Xbox has detailed its latest dashboard update for users within the Insider program, and it brings a few minor changes relating to the Xbox storefront. The new settings revolve around notifications from your console, particularly from Wish List changes when games go on sale.

For now, Microsoft says that the new settings option has been rolled out to a "random subset of users", so don't worry if you're an Xbox Insider and you've not seen it pop up just yet. Here's official word of the new option from Xbox:

Notifications – Store

A random subset of users will see a new category has been added to the Notifications preferences where users can adjust if and how they will see Store notifications, such as when a game on their Wish List is on sale. To adjust these settings, navigate to Settings > Preferences > Notifications > Xbox notifications > Store.

This sounds like a pretty useful change to be honest! We often lose track of what's on our wish list and what's on sale so, having an option to better keep a check on those things is only a bonus. Once feedback has been gathered, expect this to roll out to all Xbox users in the coming weeks.

Do you utilise the wish list feature on Xbox? Let us know if this is a good change down below.