xbox series x s

Xbox has been working on its console power consumption rate as of late, with sweeping changes recently made to Xbox Series X and S to help ensure the systems run more efficiently. Well, it's looking like Microsoft could be willing to take things a step further, even offering game performance-altering modes to reduce power usage.

A new Xbox Insider Program survey, spotted by Windows Central, has been sent out to a set of Xbox users in the preview program. The survey includes a question on whether players would make use of options such as resolution and frame rate reductions in order to save on console power usage. Here's how one question from Microsoft reads:

"In general, how would you feel about having in-game features that can optimize settings to save energy if you toggled them on? (Note: Game settings adjustments could be things like resolution, frame rate, visual effects, or GPU)"

Although this would be opt-in if Microsoft introduced the above idea, the survey also goes on to ask whether players would be okay with automatic performance adjustments being made when idle or inactive, to save energy.

At present this is only pulled from an Insider Program survey; Microsoft hasn't announced any intention to make this a proper feature just yet. Ongoing energy-saving practises are being explored by the company though, so this sort of feature could potentially come to fruition in the coming years.

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