Since things have moved over to those super speedy SSDs in Xbox consoles, we've been happily using 'Energy Saver' mode on Xbox Series X and S. The bootup speed boost gained from 'Instant On' just isn't really there with the new systems, not to mention the cost and environmental benefits from the console properly shutting down when switched off. Well, a new calculation shows even more reason to use Instant On, especially here in the UK.

A few notable tech writers & editors have taken to Twitter to discuss the costs of running an Xbox Series X in Instant On mode, based on UK energy prices. Using launch power draw figures, the Series X would have cost you a whopping £132 a year at current energy prices, but thanks to improvements from Microsoft that number now sits at around £60. However, Energy Saver is a much cheaper and more efficient option overall.

That Xbox Series X energy draw figure moves to just 0.5W for Energy Saver mode; 26 times less than Instant On despite its recent improvements. In short, you can cut £60 down to roughly £2.30, annually. With UK bills set to rise, Energy Saver is probably a wise call in 2022!

Thankfully, Microsoft recently made the change to switch to 'Energy Saver' as the console's default, which is probably a good move overall. Last year, it was said that such a switch could cave a 'Large Power Plant's Worth Of Electricity', so when you consider the cost of using Instant On, it's really only worth using if you want to take advantage of remote features like Xbox Remote Play, or you want to download new games while your console is turned off.

Do you now use Energy Saver on Xbox Series X|S? Let us know below!