Microsoft Is Adding A New Energy Usage Menu For Your Xbox

There's been a lot of discussion about the energy saving features on Xbox over the past few years, and how they initially started out to be quite confusing on Xbox Series X|S, with Microsoft making gradual improvements along the way.

Now, Microsoft is making yet another improvement in the form of a brand-new menu screen for "power options", which renames "energy saver" and "standby" to "shut-down" and "sleep" respectively, and also now indicates how much power your console will use while turned off (depending on the power option you've chosen).

As always, this new energy saving feature is rolling out first to members of the Xbox Insider program, but it probably won't be too long until it rolls out to the wider public as well.

Back in early September, we published a report about how important "energy saver" (or "shut-down") mode could be for your bills in the long run, as it uses around 26 times less energy than the "standby" (or "sleep") mode right now:

Liking the look of this new menu? What power option do you use right now? Tell us below.

Which Power Option Do You Use?