Back 4 Blood Is Getting Free 'Trial Of The Worm' Content On Xbox Game Pass

Back 4 Blood has been on Xbox Game Pass since its launch over a year ago now, and the team at Turtle Rock continues to push out new content for its co-op zombie slayer. Arriving next month are two major content drops: the premium 'River of Blood' expansion and the free 'Trial of the Worm' co-op mode, alongside a holiday-themed update.

Let's start out with some juicy details on the free content, shall we? Trial of the Worm is a co-op PvE mode featuring some cool options to mix things up via in-game modifiers. Here's a quick description, straight from the team:

"Trial of the Worm is a cooperative PvE mode where players determine their path down a four-map chain while earning Supply Points along the way. Players can add Corruption Modifiers or choose the more vigorous paths to increase difficulty and boost the amount of Supply Points rewarded.

Those looking for a challenge or a more customized difficulty can work towards completing Trial of the Worm with a high score to earn a top spot on the online leaderboard."

As for the paid expansion, River of Blood introduces a brand-new story campaign, featuring a five-map mission for players to tackle. Here's a bit more info on River of Blood:

"River of Blood will feature a brand-new story campaign with an enthralling five map mission that has players traveling upriver, stopping at different points along the way to collect supplies and take on new enemy threats.

To better assist the Cleaners with this mission, the expansion introduces Tala, a former cultist outcast now turned Cleaner who is accompanied by a Ridden companion named Jeff, a friendly Tallboy that can be summoned to assist the team. Jeff causes ultimate mayhem when called upon via whistle by Tala or other Cleaners on her team.

River of Blood also includes eight exclusive character skins and 12 exclusive weapon skins, along with new weapons, accessories, and cards."

Finally, if you're feeling festive (or at least you might be come next month), the game's holiday event returns from last year. Back 4 Blood's festive feast contains swanky new Fort Hope decor, holiday music via the in-game jukebox, and a bunch of themed skins for players to enjoy.

All three pillars of upcoming Back 4 Blood content arrive on Xbox on December 6th, and the free stuff will be available for Game Pass players to boot!

Will you be jumping back into the co-op zombie shooter this holiday season? Let us know down below.