Random: 'Sexy' Yakuza Screenshot Got Me Banned, Says Xbox User

Have you ever been banned for uploading an "inappropriate" screenshot to Xbox Live? It appears to have happened on more than a few occasions, and this latest example comes courtesy of the brilliant Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Taking to the Xbox Reddit earlier this week, a user by the name of ForFrayed revealed that their "goofy" picture of "a shirtless Kiryu Kazuma" was supposedly reported on Xbox Live, leading to a suspension of eight days.

Here's a look at the post, along with the image that apparently caused the ban:

As you might expect, lots of Xbox users have been showing sympathy in the comments section, with some revealing that they also have been suspended for GameDVR-related reasons in the past:

The person in question has apparently reached out to Microsoft for more concrete information about their suspension, but has been unable to acquire any as of yet.

It's worth keeping in mind, then, that your screenshots and clips might be automatically uploading to Xbox Live without you knowing it, and if they're of the more suggestive nature, you might want to turn off that feature ahead of time.

Have you ever been "suspended" for similar reasons? Let us know down in the comments below.