There are a whole bunch of great games leaving Xbox Game Pass in late October 2022, but one of them in particular seems to be getting a lot of attention amongst Xbox fans, and that's the excellent adventure, The Forgotten City.

This game, which was inspired by a Skyrim mod of the same name, first arrived on Xbox Game Pass late last year, and has proved a favourite amongst Game Pass members ever since. There's been a lot of positive feedback!

As mentioned above, The Forgotten City is a quick completion, only taking around six hours to beat and ten hours to complete absolutely everything. Also, if you know what you're doing (you'll need a guide), it's a great game if you need some easy achievements on Xbox Game Pass.

We're big fans of The Forgotten City too here at Pure Xbox, giving it an 8/10 score in our review:

"The Forgotten City has surprised us with how engaging it is. The time loop mechanic is used to great effect and works much more than a simple gimmick, and the standout is the writing, which keeps you invested line after line."

So, there you go! You've got a week left, so we definitely recommend trying it on Xbox Game Pass.

Have you played The Forgotten City? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

What Score Would You Give The Forgotten City?