Need For Speed Unbound heads to Xbox Series X and S in less than two months, and EA is finally beginning to reveal proper gameplay of Criterion's new racer. While we were treated to a few clips earlier this month, this new trailer shows some extended sequences in action and we're getting major NFS Underground vibes here.

Something about the new style employed by Criterion is reminding us of Need for Speed's glory days, which for us, were back in the early-to-mid 2000s when the Underground series was top dog in the arcade racing scene.

It remains to be seen how Unbound will actually feel to play though. The last few Need for Speed games have lacked that special something in the gameplay department, but we're hoping the re-introduction of Criterion Games will help Need for Speed re-emerge as a great arcade racer. We know the development team has the chops anyway!

What do you think to this NFS Unbound gameplay? Excited to go hands on in December? Let us know down below.