Need for Speed unbound gameplay

EA has just showcased its first look at Need for Speed Unbound gameplay ahead of the game's launch in December. The brief trailer — along with its accompanying Tweet — reveals some interesting info about what Unbound is aiming for.

That objective appears to be customization, and lots of it. The snippets show different vehicles, particle effects, and examples of the game's new art style, showcasing just how much the experience can be personalized to your taste. In fact, it sounds like the whole 'animated' look can be basically switched off.

Unfortunately the trailer doesn't show much raw, uncut gameplay, but that should arrive in the coming weeks. Still, it's nice to see some proper gameplay footage, and have that reassurance from EA that the game's unique style can be customized to our hearts' content.

What do you make of this NFS Unbound gameplay reveal? Impressed? Let us know down below!