InXile Says Xbox Ended Up Being The 'Perfect Match' For The Studio
Image: Xbox

Believe it or not, but not everyone is happy about Microsoft's Xbox division scooping up select video game companies in big-budget acquisitions. If you did have any doubts about it though, there's a lovely reminder in InXile Entertainment's new 20th anniversary documentary about how it can be both a positive and powerful change for many developers out there.

The Tustin, California developer - known for fantasy and role-playing series like Wasteland, Torment, Hunted and The Bard's Tale - has had many high and low points over the years, but one of the standout moments in its history was when it was acquired by Xbox.

Vice president of people, Elene Campbell, who has been at the company since its beginnings, revealed how as exciting as it was, there were some initial concerns. Ultimately though, Microsoft as its parent turned out to be the "perfect match" for the company:

"But there was also some fear, because what were they going to do to us? What did that mean? Did that mean we're part of Microsoft benefits, did that mean we're going to be enveloped into the Microsoft lifestyle? How is it going to change the culture of our company, what are we going to be expected to do? So there were reservations, but after Brian and Chris talked with them [Microsoft] it seemed that it was the perfect match because they wanted us to do what we do best."

It's not the first time InXile has praised its partnership with Microsoft - with the team and studio head Brian Fargo calling it a "dream" to be working with Xbox on a previous occasion, and noting how the studio has been given full "creative freedom":

"Microsoft have been perfect partners for us and I’ve worked with a lot of people in my career. Nothing but encouragement, operational support, creative freedom and respect for game development. So yes, I’m most impressed with them and you will see their bets pay off."

You can get the full history of InXile Entertainment in the documentary below:

InXile's latest Xbox release was Wasteland 3 in 2020, scoring some very positive reviews. As for the company's future, according to Fargo - it's apparently working on some wonderful new RPGs and more.

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