How To Save The Game In Scorn

If you've just begun playing Scorn on Xbox Game Pass and you're wondering how to save the game, you're not alone! We've seen lots of searches on this topic over the past few hours, so clearly there's a lot of confusion.

How To Save The Game In Scorn

Scorn uses an autosave system, so you can't manually save. This means that if you die in the game, you risk losing a significant amount of progress since the last checkpoint. This is especially true in the first few Acts where checkpoints are few and between.

A partial workaround for this is to quit to the Scorn main menu and then hit "Continue" to resume from where you left off, but this isn't an "official" way to save the game, and you may still run into issues when trying to save this way.

If you need help knowing how to complete the puzzles in Scorn and how to deal with enemies, we've prepared a full Scorn walkthrough here at Pure Xbox containing everything you need to complete the game. Good luck!

Have you faced an issues with the save system in Scorn? Let us know in the comments below.