There's been a lot of debate online over the past few days about the frame rate of games. It stems from the reveal that the current-generation title Gotham Knights would be a 30FPS title on Xbox Series X|S and also PS5.

The developers of the upcoming survival horror game The Callisto Protocol have also indirectly chimed in on this, taking to social media recently to reassure anyone looking forward to this particular release that the game would come with a "performance mode" - allowing console platforms to run the game at 60FPS.

The team made this announcement while also re-confirming that it ships globally on December 2nd:

"We would love to inform you all that we will be shipping globally on December 2nd. And yes, we'll have a 60 FPS performance mode."

Much of the excitement about The Callisto Protocol comes from the fact it's a project led by Glen Schofield - the creator of the Dead Space series. Speaking of Dead Space, EA's remake of the original game will follow a month later on January 27th, 2023.

Will you be checking out the Callisto Protocol on release? Happy about 60FPS? Comment below.