We now have confirmation - Gotham Knights will run at 30 frames per-second on Xbox Series X and Series S.

It's the same situation on PS5 as well, and in a message on the game's Discord server earlier this week, WB Games Montreal Executive Producer Fleur Marty explained that the ability to increase the FPS wasn't "straightforward":

"Due to the types of features we have in our game, like providing a fully untethered co-op experience in our highly detailed open-world, it's not as straightforward as lowering the resolution and getting a higher FPS. For this reason, our game does not have a performance/quality toggle option and will run at 30FPS on consoles."

We're now less than a week away from the launch of Gotham Knights on Xbox, with the game's release date having been brought forward recently from October 25th to October 21st, so it'll finally be available from next Friday.

We'll have a review to share here at Pure Xbox at some point as well, so we'll be able to tell you what we think of the 30FPS on Xbox Series X, as well as share our general opinions on the rest of the game.

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