Xbox series s xscreen

UPspec Gaming is running a sale across all of its Xbox Series S accessory range, including the main xScreen itself. At present, the xScreen attachment is $200, $50 off its standard asking price in the US.

Here in the UK, that pricing translates to £185, with no confirmed end date for the sale. For now, UPspec says that sale period is "for a limited time" only.

Back in March, we put the xScreen through its paces and found it a joy to use with Xbox Series S, especially for the avid traveller. We found the attachment to be a "brilliant plug-and-play companion" for Microsoft's all-digital console.

$200 is still a steep asking price for the xScreen, especially when compared to the cost of the console itself, but it might just be worth it if you've been weighing it up anyway at the device's RRP.

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