Vampire Survivors Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass added a big Steam hit to its PC library earlier this year in the form of casual rogue-lite Vampire Survivors. At the time of its arrival back in May, the game was still in PC early access, although that's about to change.

On October 20th, Vampire Survivors will launch out of Steam early access, bringing a "major content update" as it changes over to its 1.0 version. The team says that the PC Game Pass port will receive the same 1.0 update on October 20th as well.

However, the game won't technically leave Xbox Game Preview until "soon after", when the Game Pass version will get a few other minor updates along with the addition of Xbox achievements.

Developer poncle says that all of the content within the game's 1.0 version will be revealed soon, in the weeks leading up to its October 20th launch. "We've got some surprises in store" says the team, who'll begin revealing all from October 7th.

Have you tried out Vampire Survivors on Game Pass? Looking forward to 1.0? Let us know below!