Xbox Confirms Eight Games Coming To Game Pass (September 22-30)

The final batch of September 2022's Xbox Game Pass titles has been confirmed by Microsoft, although we already knew about 7/8 of them! The only other surprise addition to the lineup is Paw Patrol Grand Prix on September 30th.

Here's the list of games for the latter part of September 2022:

Date Game Platform
September 22 Beacon Pines Console, PC, Cloud
September 22 SpiderHeck Console, PC
September 22 Slime Rancher 2 Series X|S, PC, Cloud
September 27 Grounded (Full Version) Console, PC, Cloud
September 27
Console, PC, Cloud
September 29
Let's Build A Zoo
Console, PC, Cloud
September 29
September 30 Paw Patrol Grand Prix Console, PC, Cloud

We also know that the following two games are scheduled to hit Xbox Game Pass in late September (although Microsoft hasn't confirmed them yet for whatever reason):

Date Game Platform
September 23 Prodeus 1.0 Console, PC, Cloud
September 29 Despot's Game Console, PC

In addition to these, a whopping 12 games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 30th, including the likes of Subnautica: Below Zero and Visage. All of these will be discounted by at least 20% until that date.

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