Before The Texas Chain Saw Massacre creeps onto Xbox Game Pass next year sometime, IGN has gone hands on with the asymmetric multiplayer horror title, and they seem pretty impressed with it so far!

The outlet notes that while they played an early build, where full-game features were absent and just one map was showcased, they still had a blast with Gun Media's latest horror game. The dev team has mixed up their asymmetric formula (from Friday the 13th) by opting for 4 Vs. 3 this time, however, the previewer reckons this format works really well in the current build.

This is all music to our ears, especially because we're still months away from launch and there's plenty of dev time left yet for 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'. Oh, and it's coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one, which should enable a healthy player base at launch! Here how the developer describes its upcoming spookfest:

Take on the role of one of the notorious Slaughter family, or their victims, in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a third-person asymmetrical horror experience based on the groundbreaking and iconic 1974 horror film. Experience the mad and macabre for yourself in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

What do you reckon to this footage, will this be one to try on Game Pass? Let us know in the comments.