xbox man of medan

The horror aficionados over at Supermassive Games have announced a new next-gen update for the first two Dark Pictures titles; Man of Medan and Little Hope. Both releases, which were last-gen in nature, are moving over to native next-gen apps and Man of Medan specifically is getting a brand new playable chapter.

That chapter is titled 'Flooded', and it's set to add an alternate ending to the first game in the series.

The second Dark Pictures entry, Little Hope, isn't getting any new gameplay, but both titles will feature a suite of new options as they move over to Xbox Series X and S. Here's what to expect from both new versions:

  • New difficulty settings & QTE warnings
  • Improved UI & interactions
  • Updated bearing art & event triggers
  • Increased walking speeds
  • More accessibility options, including subtitle sizing

Both updates are free for existing owners of Man of Medan / Little Hope, and they're available today on Xbox Series X|S! The "Season One finale" of The Dark Pictures arrives later this year, with The Devil In Me launching on November 18th.

Is it time to revisit these two Dark Pictures games? Let us know if you'll be diving back in!