Xbox Game Pass

Okay, this isn't something we thought we'd see today, but here we are! A Reddit user spotted Ben & Jerry's appearing as an Xbox Game Pass title, yes, the ice cream brand. The app wasn't titled as such, but all the media related to Ben & Jerry's ice cream. After coming across the post we thought we best check for ourselves, and lo and behold, it's there in our Game Pass library!

Xbox Game Pass library

In reality, the game is some form of test product, with users commenting that when downloaded, it's a "basic" touchscreen game. No, we have no idea how professional shots of Ben & Jerry's ice cream tubs appeared to advertise an Xbox game, but hey ho, there it is!

This isn't the first time that seemingly random 'test' apps have appeared on the Xbox storefront, but this is the first time we've seen them pose as ice cream products! Now, about getting Ben & Jerry's as a Game Pass Ultimate perk...

Have you ever seen a tastier Game Pass title than this? Drop your favourite flavour down below.