Update: A YouTuber has actually now demonstrated what this does, which you can see above.

Original story: Here's a weird one. Xbox fans have noticed over the past few days that a bizarre game has appeared under the 'New Releases' section of the Microsoft Store for Xbox, and we're not quite sure why it's there.

There are two versions of it listed as "_VATPT_vteam12_TestGameReseller", and it seems it's simply a testing app for developers that has somehow slipped onto the store, complete with the generic screenshot seen above.

The strangest thing about this so-called 'game' is that it's been available under the 'New Releases' section of the store for a couple of days now, and Microsoft yet to remove it, despite multiple fans pointing out its existence.

So, what exactly is it? We've been informed by someone who purchased the 'game' that it mentions Remedy's Control Ultimate Edition when you load it up, although you can't actually do anything with it at all. It's a strange one!

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