Soapbox: Remote Play Is One Of Xbox's Most Underrated Features

Like many Xbox users out there, I'd never really paid much attention to the Remote Play feature on PC, Android and iOS until recently. In the past, I'd occasionally used it for things like grabbing screenshots of pre-release games for reviews, or just casually checking apps like Microsoft Rewards on my work PC, and while it always worked very well for me, I'd never really thought about using it to actually play games.

I'd also been a little bit put off by my experiences with Xbox Cloud Gaming. Don't get me wrong, I love xCloud when I'm in a good location to play it, but I happen to live in a location where the max download speed we can get is 10-15mbps, and that's nowhere near good enough to play Xbox Cloud Gaming reliably. The connection stutters constantly, the image gets all broken up and pixelated, and there's just no point trying to play that way.

Remote Play, on the other hand, has one major benefit over Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is that it works over your local network. In other words, you don't need a great connection in order to stream your console to your PC or your phone, as long as they're both on the same network as each other. That means you can sit in the office like me and play Xbox on a monitor, or sit in bed on a lazy Sunday and play on your phone, with almost zero connection issues and input lag - that's been my experience so far, at least.

I can totally understand the argument that Remote Play is essentially useless for some people if they're using it on the same network as their Xbox, but it also could be massively beneficial in some households. Family member hogging the TV? Stream your Xbox to your phone and play with an xCloud controller like the 8BitDo SN30 Pro or Nacon MG-X Pro, or just connect your Xbox Wireless Controller and create a makeshift stand for your phone somewhere.

Even if you've got a great internet connection at home and Xbox Cloud Gaming is your go-to method to play games on your Android or iOS device, don't forget that Remote Play gives you access to your entire library of games (aside from older backwards compatible titles), rather than just the hundreds of Xbox Game Pass titles that are streamed through xCloud. You can play Elden Ring or LEGO Star Wars to your heart's content!

My personal situation is very different to most, but I can say for sure that Remote Play is changing the way I enjoy Xbox in my own house these days, and it's so nice to be able to sit on any device in my home (and potentially even outside of the home!) and access my games however I want to, whether that's on my Xbox Series X itself, my work PC in the office, my phone in the bedroom, or wherever else I feel like tackling a few more Quests and scoring a few more goals. I've yet to try Remote Play on my travels, so maybe that'll be a story for another time...

What have your experiences been like with Xbox Remote Play so far? Let us know down in the comments below.