GTA Online
Image: Rockstar

Last weekend, arguably one of the biggest leaks in modern gaming history took place - with footage of an early build of Grand Theft Auto 6 surfacing online. Around 90 videos of this next entry appeared on multiple websites and quickly spread across the internet.

It didn't take long for Rockstar to confirm the leak in an official statement - acknowleding how it was "extremely disappointed" about the game being shared with the world in this particular way. In the latest development, it seems a 17-year-old male accused of hacking Rockstar and leaking footage of its next game has now been arrested by the UK police.

Journalist Matthew Keys says a source has linked it to the "intrusion of Rockstar Games". The same 17-year-old male in police custody is also possibly linked to an Uber hack:

The UK's National Cyber Crime Unit has "declined to comment" on the matter and the City of London police did not elaborate on the arrest beyond the above social media post.

Xbox's Sarah Bond last week shared a message with Rockstar in response to the leaks - stating how her thoughts were with the team, and mentioning how she couldn't wait for the official reveal.

If we hear any further developments, we'll let you know.

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