GTA 6 Footage Appears To Leak Online, 90 Different Videos

Update: Rockstar Games has now confirmed the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak is real!

Original Story: In what could go down as one of the biggest leaks in gaming history, it looks like 90 videos of an early build from Grand Theft Auto 6 have suddenly appeared on the internet overnight, and they definitely seem like the real deal.

There's a lot to sift through here, but the video that's getting the most attention shows the player robbing a diner before eventually escaping in a cop car. There are lots of placeholder items littered throughout the footage, but the actual environments themselves look really good already.

Some of the other footage shows a playable male character walking around the world and interacting with NPCs, suggesting that previous reports of two playable main characters were correct.

If you're wondering where this footage came from, it was posted to the GTA Forums by a user called teapotuberhacker a few hours ago, along with the announcement that more leaks could be on the way. Each of the files is named with a different date, suggesting some of this footage could be from 2021, and some from this year.

There's a chance this could be all be fake, of course... but it certainly doesn't look that way right now.

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