NFS 2022

It's been a while since we've seen much of anything from the Need for Speed series, in fact, NFS Heat launched way back in 2019 and we've not seen a game in the series since. Well, it's looking like that's about to change as a new report says to expect a Need for Speed reveal imminently.

Again coming from Insider Gaming, 2022's Need for Speed is reportedly titled 'Unbound' and is set to launch in December. EA confirmed back in 2020 that the racing experts at Criterion were back at the helm of Need for Speed for 2022's entry, for the first time since 2012's Most Wanted re-imagining on Xbox 360.

Most wanted NFS
Image: Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

The report states that the upcoming reveal will happen "within the next 2 weeks", after a series of internal delays to the timing of the game's announcement. If the quoted December 2nd launch date is true, a reveal must be on its way soon!

Another interesting wrinkle to this report, is that author Tom Henderson says that sources have confirmed that 'Need for Speed Unbound' will be next-gen-only, with Xbox One and PS4 ditched as the series moves into the next generation.

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