We got your attention with that Burnout mention, right?!

Say hello to Wreckreation, which is the latest game by Three Fields Entertainment — who you might know for the very Burnout-like Dangerous Driving racer from back in 2019, as well as the crazy golf game from 2016, Dangerous Golf.

Wreckreation wants to be the "ultimate open-world sandbox experience for driving and racing fans alike", featuring a 400 square kilometres "racing realm" that you can create, shape and wreck in real time. You can design it on your own or with your friends online, and then compete to out-race, out-stunt or even out-crash each other.

Here's a bit more about Wreckreation courtesy of the official press release:

"Racing is awesome! Creating is awesome! So development studio Three Fields Entertainment, the team behind Burnout and Need for Speed, has combined these two elements in the upcoming Wreckreation. With the so-called live mix, you can build and alter your racing track while you (and some friends) are racing on it. Add a new curve, place a ramp to jump over - or just put a giant rubber duck in the way, it's up to you!"

If you're wondering where the Burnout influence comes in, Three Fields Entertainment was founded by Alex Ward, Fiona Sperry and Paul Ross back in 2014, all of which used to work at Criterion Games on Burnout and Need For Speed.

There's no date for Wreckreation just yet, but we know it's definitely coming to Xbox One, Series X and Series S, along with various other platforms.

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