Digital Foundry has taken a good look at Saints Row ahead of its launch tomorrow, August 23rd, and a disappointing discovery has come to the fore. Once again, it's looking like the Xbox Series S is getting largely forgotten about, at least at launch.

Developer Volition has completely omitted any performance options from the Series S version of its reboot, there's just one basic mode to play on. This wouldn't be all that abnormal, except for the fact that the Xbox Series X version has a whopping five modes to choose from.

Those include full 4K modes, 1080p frame rate options and a few that lie in between, providing some nice customisation for the user. The Xbox Series S has no options at all, running at 1080p with an unlocked frame rate that varies wildly.

Hopefully, this one gets sorted out sometime after launch. It's clear the game needs quite a lot of patchwork anyway, given our review of the game at launch. Plenty of other titles have added more Series S options post-launch, and we're hoping Volition does the same with Saints Row.

Does this put you off picking it up? Or was our review enough for that? Let us know your thoughts on Saints Row down below.