FIFA Competitor 'UFL' Delays Its Free-To-Play Launch Until 2023

We've definitely been keeping a close eye on the progress of UFL since it was revealed last year, and although it was being advertised for a 2022 release all this time, it's not the biggest surprise to hear that it's now delayed until 2023.

This was revealed in a social media update by the team, explaining that the game is around 80% complete at the time of recording, but they need a little longer to refine areas such as the core mechanics and AI behaviour:

If you haven't been keeping track, UFL will be a free-to-play game that prides itself on being 'Fair to Play', with plans to integrate an Ultimate Team style mode at launch, complete with co-op play and the ability to play offline games as well.

The team says playtests will begin this December, so we may still get to play it this year after all...

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