It was announced around this time last year that the FIFA and eFootball series' would be getting a free-to-play competitor on Xbox in the form of UFL, and since then we've been keeping a close eye on its development progress.

Fortunately, the team making the game are being really transparent in terms of providing updates, which means we've been treated to bunch of raw gameplay footage — even though that footage is very much in a work-in-progress state.

In the YouTube series that the team is currently embarking on, we've had glimpses at everything from the stadiums to the game's UI, and in the video above, you can see a lot of actual gameplay between two players on one console.

It's evident from this footage that UFL is not ready for public consumption yet — the last bit of the video shows many of the bugs the team are still dealing with — but without a doubt, there's promise here. The fact that the developers are keen to be so transparent with the fans during this process is definitely an encouraging sign as well.

There's no release date for UFL yet, but look out for it on Xbox hopefully sometime later this year.

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